Equipoise Local Artist Gallery

At Harmony we believe that each of us are here to create and share; therefore, we have carved out space on our lower level for creative “giving “ and “receiving”.  We've provided local artists a viewing space to share their creative expressions for the enjoyment and procurement of others.


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Professional and tactical display of artwork
  Showing in a gallery that is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday 10am to 5pm
  Can direct individuals, groups, potential buyers and art professionals to the gallery during gallery hours
  Can schedule artist led viewings, opening receptions, classes and related events.


Artist must be willing to rent for at least 3 months and in 3 month intervals
Artist must have at least 1 artist led event during each month showing
Artist must use at least two social media platforms and post at least bi-weekly to promote their showing in EE-kwah-pois Gallery.
Artists must agree to sharing 20% of sales to the gallery

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