rareEssence Bergamot - Essential Oil


rareEssence Bergamot - Essential Oil


Why Harmony Love This Product

"We LOVE rareEssence essential oils for their purity and that they are "consciously-sourced".  We believe in the efficacy of the amazing healing system humans possess and in the ancient practice of using essential oils derived from plants to assist our body's own healing processes.  Therefore we equally believe in the plant-life the earth so generously provides designed to meet our every need."

rareEssence essential oils are consciously sourced worldwide. These oils re 100% pure of the highest quality. They are extensively tested by chemical analysis, gas chromatography and odor evaluation by an essential oil chemist


Botanical Species: Citrus Bergamia

Origin: Sicily

This uplifting citrus aroma is expressed from the peel of the Bergamot fruit, and has strong antiseptic qualities. Perfect for a cleansing and revitalizing atmosphere!

Size: 5 mL

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