DESA Modern Bread Basket from Blomus

Blomus bread basket orange.jpg
Blomus bread basket orange.jpg

DESA Modern Bread Basket from Blomus


Why Harmony Loves This Product?

"We just love the simple & modern appeal! When you think of serving bread, you think of a fabric covering hot bread in a basket, and so we love this modern spin on a classic presentation." 

Bread Basket is an elegant and modern alternative to traditional bread baskets. It features stainless steel and cotton. The steel frame provides basket stability. The basket can be freely placed and moved around without fear that the material will deform or permanently stretch. The construction of this basket enables you to detach the cotton material from the steel hull to improve the cleaning process. 

  •  10 1/4'' x 10 1/4'' x 4 1/8''.

  • Removable fabric liner

  • Machine washable liner

  • Additional colored liners available separately

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