Old Whaling Co. French Lavender Bath Bomb


Old Whaling Co. French Lavender Bath Bomb


Why Harmony Loves This Product?

We love the natural aspects of these immensly aromatic bath bombs and they inspire acutually using our tubs.   

Made for one bath. They cleanse and moisturize your skin, and Epsom salt is added for relaxing sore muscles. They fizz in the bath water. Great for everyone of all ages!

Stressed out from a busy day? This is the perfect way to unwind before bed. 

baking soda
GMO free citric acid
epsom salts
olive oil
soybean oil
cosmetic and/or natural color

**bath bombs will make the tub slippery so be careful when using. They will not stain the tub, however, you will need to wipe tub clean after use. Be careful not to place bath bomb on anything cloth (towel, clothing, etc) after it's wet as it could stain**

designed for single use

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