I find it important to introduce products and design concepts that really are good for you and suitable to meet your individual needs.
— Robin Harmon-Myers

A few words from Our designer:

I firmly believe that everyone deserves, and can have, an environment that is clean, beautiful and one that reflects their artistic style and inspires their dreams. Our environments tell our story and others are reading that story all the time. I feel the importance of articulating that because it creates in others an opportunity for greater awareness that our environment is but a reflection of our “in-vironment”. I believe we all begin with four walls, a ceiling and a floor. What we do with it is determined by who we believe we are and not so much what we have financially.

What I love most about co-creating with my design clients is guiding them to a sharper and even broader vision of what’s possible with what they have and watching their world recalibrate into better alignment so there is harmony at last .
— Robin Harmon-Myers

Harmony Designs Furniture & Interiors is a 2500 square foot retail store with a design studio and local art gallery/event space on it's lower level.  We are geared to helping customers and design clients experience harmony by catering to their unique/beautiful/divine selves.

Harmony is a lifestyle store. We have furniture, gifts, accessories, personal products, art and framing and interior design services.  We make an effort to source locally when we can, organic and natural when we can and we aim to inspire the idea of conscious consumerism which steers away from being "price" driven towards becoming "value" driven.

In 2002, Robin Harmon-Myers fell in love with a 100-year-old building on the Southside of her town (Money Earnin' Mount Vernon), purchased the building with her husband Floyd and instantly set out model what she believes. "I believe we have everything we need to live well, thrive and create beautiful lives. We must take inventory of what we have and honor it...learn how to best care for and leverage it and show it some love." 

Harmony Designs Furniture & Interiors continues to blossom creating radical transformations to residential, commercial spaces and lives as well as providing a retail shopping experience like no other.